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Gift of Love (Bill Wigram)     

         Part 1,2    Mitzpe Ramon   Negev   2004

         Part 1,2,3    Mercaz Dafna    Kibbutz Ein Carmel  2005


A gentle experience of opening the heart. Using meditation , guided imagery and experiental work to melt the barriers between ourselves, others and God.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy             

          Voice, movement and laughter.      Sagol Festival  Achziv    2004


Conception to Birth              

          Mercaz Dafna        Kibbutz Ein Carmel   2005


It is known that formative life experiences can take place in the womb or at the time of birth. By regressive techniques we return to a peri-natal and birth experience which allows for healing and reintergration of problematic or traumatic experiences. (Holographic Reincarnation Therapy)


Healing through Archetypes

          Reidman College Haifa        2005-2006


         (See 'workshops UK for details)


Learning through Trauma    

         WIZO      Haifa        2006

Center for Traumatic Stress  MAYTAL  Haifa      2006


Recognizing the potential in growing anew from the traumatic experience


Working with Post Traumatic Stress

Professional Staff  Fureidis, Hof Ha Carmel       2014

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